A anon read chapter 139 and said this.Fucking 4chan lol.

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Kek, Zombiefag got trolled hard here.

/b/ looks on the bright side.talesof4chan.tumblr.com

Chicken Fries > Robin Williams.Truth.
This arc reminds of the final arc of Gantz - it started off fantastic, and then it just turned to shit, over hyped bosses, convoluted plot points, just boring. The day this manga ends is the day I jump for joy.

Foxing @ Skeletal Lightning Fest Two by Alissa Reynolds on Flickr.
The song itself is a simpleton’s over-produced version of her previous songs about how to ignore stupid boys and haters on the Internet. Haters gonna hate hate hate. Players gonna play play play. Yeah, the fuck whatever[…] Twelve year old girls are to music what fat people are to Vegas buffets. There’s not a lot of time spent on qualitative deduction. I would be okay with this entire assemblage of raisin-laden defecation if it weren’t for the last sixty seconds of the music video where ungainly awkward fat kids, “the normals”, all shake off societal hate. What’s the message here, Taylor?
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Just saw on fox2 live stream that since school has been suspended for the lootings etc, and for the next week too, teachers are volunteering to teach kids at the library. Out of 9000+ kids, only 40 showed up.